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Grooming Services

Pet Grooming - Please call our shop, A Salty Dog Grooming Spa at (808) 249-2525 for a personalized quote and to make an appointment.

Services Available: Bath, Bath & Tidy (incl. sanitary trim & paw pads), Full Groom, Nail Trims, Specialty Baths/Spa Treatments, we do CATS too! We do it all.

Pet Sitting, Day or Overnight Visits, Dog Walking, Valet Services

Pet Sitting Services - Please call our office at (808) 419-6488 for a personalized, custom quote to meet your specific needs

Initial Consultation
          Fee:    No Cost           Service: We will come to your home as an opportunity for us to get to know each other, meet your pets,become familiar with your home, pick up keys, and complete all
paperwork. This visit is free of charge and usually takes about 45 minutes. Pet Playtime & Walk (aka Standard Pet Sit Visit)          Service:  We will come to your home and luv your pets like you do! We will visit up to 3 times per day.  These visits combine the Pet Walking Service with the Pet Playtime
service and are an hour long.
Pet Walking           Service:  We will come to your home to pamper your pet(s) while you are away! We will visit up to 3 times per day.  All walk visits are 45 minutes and include lots of luv, a 30
minute walk, and water check and/or refill. Medication (during play, walk or overnight visits)           Service:  This service to be added to the Pet Walking, Pet Playtime or Overnight visit services. We will administer the required medication your precious pet needs. Medication Visit ONLY           Service: This service is for clients pets who need additional visit(s) for medication administration only. We will stop by your home for a quick 10-15 minute visit to make sure
your precious pet receives any medication needed. We can administer insulin injections, subcutaneous fluids, ear drops, eye drops, and oral medications. Pet Valet           Fee:    $30/1-hour wait time (1 pet; additional pets, add $5 per pet) IN-TOWN                     $40/1-hour wait time (1 pet; additional pets, add $5 per pet) OTHER TOWN                     $15/each 30 minute additional wait time           Service: We will pick up your pet and take them to and from the vet, groomer, or anywhere you need them to be! We can also drop off important mail or packages, pick up
extra pet food, or any other errands you may not have time for.  Overnight Pet Sitting (Pet is comfortable at home in their own environment)           Holiday: Add $10 for each Holiday during service period           Service: We will spend 10-12 hours in your home with your pet(s) while you are away. They will receive lots of luv, companionship and relaxation being in their own
surroundings. This service includes AM and PM play/walk visits, bringing in your mail, newspaper and plant care and waste pickup/disposal.

Boarding           Fee:    Please call for availability and quote           Holiday: Add $10 for each Holiday during service period

Housesitting           Fee:    $20/visit without pets (included in Overnight Pet Sitting)                     $35/visit for overnight without pets (with pets, see Overnight Pet Sitting)           Service: This service is great for those clients who don’t have pets yet want their home to have that lived-in look while you are away! We will walk around your property to
ensure everything is where it should be. We will alternate lights and blinds, pick up your mail/packages and newspapers, take out and bring in the trash, water your plants and
walk the inside of your home to make sure everything is secure. Waste Service           Service: We will walk around your property and pick up your pets waste and place in trash bags and put in trash bin or remove from your property and properly dispose. This
service included in Overnight Pet Sitting. Holiday Surcharge           Fee:    $10/visit (includes all animals)                     $10 per holiday for Overnight & Boarding Services           Service: A holiday surcharge will be added to your invoice per visit for the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day,
Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day Key Drop off & Pick Up   Service: We will make a personal visit to ensure your key makes it into our hands or back into yours safely. If you wish to avoid a lockbox, hide-a-key or unsecure keys, we can
keep a safe, anonymous copy on file to avoid this fee.

Training ServicesInitial Consult:           Fee:    $25           Service: We will come to your home as an opportunity to meet you and your pet(s) in order to gather information regarding your specific needs. This consultation usually lasts
30-45 minutes. Consult w/Behavior Analysis           Fee:    $45/consult, 1 pet (additional pets, add $10 per pet per consult)           Service: Our initial training consult service with an additional 15-20 minute behavior analysis to be used for training program recommendations. This consultation usually lasts
45 minutes.  Temperament Testing           Fee:    $20/test, 1 pet (additional pets, add $15 per pet, per test)           Service: We will come to your home to test your pet on various temperament issues including noise therapy, toy drive (working dogs), scent, behavioral issues, socialization
and other special requests you may have.  This visit usually lasts 30-45 minutes. Basic Training           Fee:    $30/session, 1 pet, minimum of 3 hours per week for 4-6 weeks                     $450 6-week sessions, discounts available (payment in advance, referrals, etc.)                     Additional household pets welcome, fees will be based upon need, approx. $10-15 per pet                     *Custom packages available           Service: We will come to your home or meet you at a local park and give your pet basic training skills.  Included are heel (walk nice on a leash), sit, down, stay, recall (come)
and wait. Sessions are 1-hour each and you will be asked to practice throughout the week on your own. Puppy Issues           Fee:    $25/session, 1 pet, minimum of 4 sessions                     Board & Train puppy - $350, 4 week program           Service: We will meet with you a minimum of four sessions, 30-45 minutes each session to help you and your new puppy learn the basics.  Basics include crate training, potty
training, bite inhibition, nutrition, and behavior skills. You will be asked to be consistent throughout the week with all training recommendations. Board & Train program – your new puppy will come to our home and learn the basic puppy program for an initial period of 4 weeks. We will then meet to discuss progress,
show you his/her new skills and review further training program recommendations. Socialization           Fee:    $25/session, 1 pet (additional pets, add $10 per pet per session)           Service: We will pick up your pet and take them to the park, the beach, to a café, an event, or anywhere there are people and other animals to help them be social. Amount
of sessions and what each outing consists of will be dependent upon your pets specific needs and behavior modification requirements. A separate behavior analysis fee of $15
may apply. Adoption Assistance           Fee:    $25/consult           Service: We will meet with you at either Maui Humane Society, your home or a foster parent home and review with your choice of new pet, your home situation, your other
pets and provide you with our recommendation of how the chosen pet would fit within your current household. Additional Services    
       Don’t see something you need or want?  Just ask! Custom packages and services available.

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